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Music is a most important part of my life.

I have been playing the recorder (tenor, alto) and Renaissance wind instruments (gemshorns, crumhorns, cornamuses) in a recorder orchestra (Corona musica, direction Helga Höfer) near Münster (Germany) for many years. With Corona musica and a recorder quartet I participated in numerous concerts. In addition to Renaissance and Baroque musique we rehearsed and presented modern and contemporary works.

After my departure from Münster I started to play Viola da Gamba (alto, bass, treble). I particularly like to play English Consort music. I play in trios and quartets and occasionally in bigger ensembles.

An exciting discovery was the music of the middle ages, mainly ars subtilior. This music was revealed to me under the guidance of Walter Waidosch, initially with the recorder, then with the Viella (alto, bass) and several courses in Italy helped me to go into it further.

In the last few years the theorbo (Chitarrone) has been added. Assisted by my teacher Helmut Weigl I try my hand at the basso continuo and I am happy when I manage to create and play an accompaniment. Together with other lutanists I regularly play my theorbo in a music circle directed by Helmut Weigl.

In January 2017, a 7-voice renaissance lute has found it's way to my home, a true delight to play on this beautiful instrument!

I am fond of modern technologies in both music and music arrangement too. The music software company "Celemony Software GmbH" was founded by my husband Peter Neubäcker, our friend Carsten Gehle and myself in the year 2000 in Munich (Germany).

"Celemony Software" has developed and marketed the music software "Melodyne", a product which has revolutionized the arrangement of music recordings by new algorithms and has won the Technical Grammy of the Recording Academy in 2012.

The CD "Un Fior Gentil" was released in November 2022 with the aim of presenting new sounds from the late Middle Ages. For this project I am responsible as a music producer. The creation of "Un Fior Gentil" is closely linked to the Melodyne software. You find detailed information on the website


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