After my first year of university studies in medicine I was granted a scholarship ("Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes") and I have enjoyed the generous support for my studies, the language classes and the summer academies.

After the end of my studies I maintained close contact with the "Studienstiftung". As a result I have often participated in selection seminars whose aim is to select school leavers for admission to the scholarship. I was a trust lecturer for the university of Münster for 10 years following my PhD in 1985, and looked after student groups from different faculties on behalf of the "Studienstiftung".

During a language and sailing course in Wales in 1976 provided by the "Studienstiftung" I got to know the "United World College of the Atlantic" and the concept of this international school. I would have liked to complete my school education at this institution, but I had already sat my final exam a long time before.

I decided that my child should have an international school-leaving exam. Many years later my son has gone through the selection procedure and has sat his exam at the "United World College of the Adriatic". He then did his university studies in several European countries and the USA where he is married. He is now living in Kansas and works as a university professor at the Law School of Washburn University. His hobby is public international law.

So the "United World College" has been beneficial for both of us and we both actively support this organization.

My scientific co-operation with Prof. Dr. Werner Wittkowski brought a scholarship for gifted students in Brazil known as the "Passo Fundo e.V." initiative to my knowledge. I support this organization as a sponsor and I am pleased at the achievements of young people in Brazil who without this support would never have had the opportunity of a school education or a place at university.


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